BIke Austin Ride Categories

  • All rides are “no drop” (periodic regrouping as necessary) providing the rider is properly matched to the ride.
  • Typical speeds below are for a flat ride with little or no wind. Actual averages may vary and will often depend on which riders are in the group.
  • Rest stops will typically be every 20-30 miles for the faster rides and 10-20 miles for the others

E - Social rides for anybody wanting a very relaxed pace. Suitable for recreational riders, beginners and families. Ideally has more than one ride leader. Typical average speeds less than 11 mph.

D - Advanced-beginner riders who still feel the need for some mentoring/support or for more experienced riders wanting a leisurely outing. Typical average speeds in the 11-13 mph range.

C - Intermediate level of intensity for newer riders wanting to complete more challenging rides or for stronger riders wanting a relaxed pace. Average speeds probably in the 13-15 mph range.

B - Moderately intense. “Upper intermediate” level for fit riders with a few years in the saddle. Typical average speeds in the 15-17 mph range.

A - Intense. Brisk pace for experienced, self-confident riders. Might be hilly and/or could involve skilled pace-line riding. Typical average speeds in the 17-19 mph range.

AA - Very intense; fast and/or very hilly rides for fit, experienced riders. Might sometimes involve skilled pace-line riding. Typical average speeds in excess of 19 mph.