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Submitted by onefiftyfour on Sun, 03/10/2019 - 15:18

Feel free to add stuff here...

I added a module - asset injector - to add css to the hosted ride list. 

Interesting... So I did some poking around yesterday and it looks like this already has a lot of the basic functionality necessary for our rides.

The only things necessary before testing a basic framework would be:

  1. The ability to view multiple rides on the same screen without scrolling,
    >> yes.  I think we can do this with css.  Each ride in one row with columns of info. Maybe click to open and see the whole description. Could copy the old aca format.
  2. The ability to cancel a ride easily using the “edit” interface
    >> yes. We just need to add a field (cancelled or not) in the hosted ride content type.  Then, not sure if it’s with java script or php that we need to alter the red or green gif. 
  3. The ability to have rides automatically sort by the next 10-15 that will occur closest to the current date (but in the future).
    >> easy to do with the views settings.


>>It looks like you’re already thinking about how to get the “go/no go” decision working using the red/green lights that were added (I like that). Does this mean only css is left? I will take a look at the asset injector. 


>>I think we need to setup a custom theme, so that we can edit theme files.  That would be the way to modify things with php for instance if cancelled=yes, then gif = redlight.  Or if ride category=C, background color = somecolor.  Not sure if this can be done with views settings though.



Submitted by onefiftyfour on Mon, 03/11/2019 - 15:06


I've added a filter to only show rides with start dates of today or greater.  So your test ride does not show now.