9 AM START Tour de Southern Walnut Creek Trail

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Tue, 10/15/2019 - 09:00 am
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NOTE: Park in the Govalle Park parking lot at 3402 Bolm Road. 

A moderate C-pace ride (roughly 11 to 14 mph) on The Southern Walnut Creek Trail from the trailhead at Govalle Park to the Abrupt End and return. This is a social ride.   Round trip is about 21 miles.  The trail is paved for the entire distance, with a 1/2 mile hill on the outbound.   We'll regroup at the top of the hill on the outbound and at the Abrupt End. The return is mostly downhill. The trail is two-way and narrows down in spots, with a couple of blind corners. Single-file riding and moderate speed on the corners is strongly recommended!  

There are two significant road intersections that require caution to cross.
 A map of Govalle Park's location is at http://austinparks.org/parks/govalle-park/

Bring water, a snack, a spare bicycle tire tube, and tools to fix a flat. Riders will sign a liability waiver at the ride start and must wear a helmet.   Portapotties are located near the Govalle parking lot.  There are no restrooms on the trail itself. There are restrooms at the Austin Tennis Center, about 1/3 mile off the trail at the top of the hill. 

• What to bring
helmet, water/sports drink, tools to fix a flat, spare inner tube, snack(optional)

This ride is cross-posted to the Austin Cycling group on Meetup.com.

Optional coffee at Sa-Ten Cafe, 916 Springdale Rd

Sa-Ten is located about a half-mile to the west of Govalle Park.  Take a right out of the parking lot, go straight on Bolm Road (across Airport Blvd at the light.)  You will see railroad tracks on the right side of Bolm Road.  Drive or ride to the intersection of Bolm and Springdale Rd.  There is not a stoplight there. Look across Springdale to the right to see a two-story grey building. That is the Canopy arts complex.   Cross over the railroad track and enter the Canopy parking lot. Sa-Ten is on the far side of that parking lot. 

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