Salvation Ride

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Dave A /
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Thu, 09/12/2019 - 06:30 pm
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It’s Thursday.

You survived (or skipped) Sirish’s morning hill ride.

All the racers are at the Driveway Series.

We have the roads all to ourselves!

Come join us for a chill ride around town. We will keep the hills to a minimum and wait at the top of the few hills we cannot avoid. Lots of flat sprints on the way back to finish strong.  This is a great route to build riding skills.

But the heat you say?  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting hotter--how does that even work? Who cares!  Evening rides are the best.  As you warm up the sun goes down bringing cooler temperatures.  Oh, and this route is well shaded.  

Bring helmet, water, a spare tube and the ability to change your tube. Please leave earbuds and headphones at home.

This is a no-drop ride.  We should average 13-15 mph.  There are few long stretches where people might pick up the pace.  We will wait at the tops of hills and turns to regroup.  


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