Physical Therapy

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Dave A /
Start Date and Time
Fri, 09/13/2019 - 06:13 pm
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Inaugural Friday the 13th start time of 6:13pm

Tough week? Let's get some air. This is an easygoing ride starting at Little Deli in Crestview, going down through the UT campus, looping around the Capitol and back up to the start through West Campus and Hyde Park, with a few Austin landmarks along the way.

Most of this ride is in good bike lanes or on quiet roads.

We will travel around 10–13 mph. It's OK to let it out on a stretch but we'll get back together after.

Open to all types of bikes and riders. Please email me if you haven’t ridden in a group before or have any questions.

Wear whatever you’d like, but please bring a helmet. Also bring a spare tube. We’ll wait for you if you need to use it.

The safety briefing begins 5 mins before start time. Please don't be late.

Cancelled or Not
Not Cancelled