Lets Take Buda to 5 mile Dam

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Cheryl, 614-571-1245 Cherylrolla@gmail.com
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Sat, 08/24/2019 - 07:15 am
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Feeling like a few more miles this week, so let's go out to 5 Mile Dam.  It's the standard out and back route out of the city to Old San Antonio Road to Buda and then on to Kyle via Jack Hays, continuing to 5 Mile Dam Park.  

Look for me by the Lamar side of the parking lot.  Sometimes there are some other BSS rides leaving on Saturday so check to make sure you are on the right ride.

It's going to be hot Saturday so starting as early as daylight allows so we can be back before it's too hot.  Be sure to bring lots of liquids.  We will have store stop in Kyle at either 22.5 or 32 miles depending on the group.

Helmets are required on all rides.  

I don't have cue sheets or a ride map for this ride but it is an easy out an back.  This is a no drop ride.  We will regroup as needed but please make sure you are able to ride a B pace.  We generally average around 16 MPH.

Any weather cancellations/changes will be posted 1 hour before the start

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Not Cancelled