Stanton's 78th birthday ride

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Stanton Truxillo
Start Date and Time
Sat, 06/15/2019 - 07:00 am
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NOTE 7 AM START.  RIde 78 miles with me - a mile for every year.  Because of the June weather we'll start at 7 AM.  But this means we will be heading into the rising sun at some time, so PLEASE wear hi-viz clothing and use lights if you have them.  Route will generally be out to San Marcos and back, with a detour to Creedmoor on the way out to add the required few miles.

NO hot spots, no sprints, just C pace throughout.  Store stops about every 18-20 miles:  Creedmoor, San Marcos, Buda, home, or more as needed.  Even with the early start, it will be warm.  PLAN TO STAY HYDRATED.

Coffee and snacks afterward (if you don't want to do 78 miles, just cut it shorter and meet us at Mozart's anyway - Susie will be there, and I'm buying).

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