Whipple Wander - A, B and C (Anniversary Ride)

Ride Host Contact Info
Keith Benton, 512.656.1005, tkeith.benton@gmail.com
Start Date and Time
Sun, 05/19/2019 - 08:30 am
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Ride Length (miles)
Ride Description

A 50-mile loop from Hutto to celebrate the one-year anniversary of William’s Whipple surgery and the cycling friendship that binds us together.  All three groups (A, B, C) will ride out together until the first re-group and we will then split up. Store stop in Coupland and say “hi” to the donkeys en route (bring a carrot or two if you like).

Optional lunch/coffee after ride at: Texan Cafe & Pie Shop:  https://www.thetexancafe.com/    

Ride will be “no drop”, assuming riders have properly matched themselves to the ride description, average speed and terrain.

Please arrive early enough to prepare yourself + bike, have the 5-minute safety briefing to be ready for an on-time departure.

In case of inclement weather, check this web site and/or emails early on the morning of the ride.  

Cancelled or Not
Not Cancelled