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I am Christopher Arbutine from Largo, FL and the business owner of Antique Silver Buyers. We are one of the best business in buying and dealing antique silver items just like: Flatware, ... moretrays, tea sets, bowls, coins, julep cups and many more.
We are deal All Sports Items Hockey Shoes Cricket Sports Team Kits Uniform kits Balls
Bat Sh1t crazy, retired.
Sprinter, Climber
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Born in Boston, Massachusetts and after years of moving all over the east coast, I ended up in the wonderful state of Texas! Orginally I was a runner throughout middle school, highschool, ... moreand the beginning of college, but due to an injury I took up cycling which I soon found a new love for.

I have been competing on the bike for about 4 years now and riding for about 5 and a half. In 2015 I had a serious crash which took me off the bike. 2016 came around and I decided to focus on finishing up school at Texas State, getting my head screwed back on and figuring out if I wanted to continue with my passion! 2017 was about getting back into it, but I just didn't quite have the mental edge back that I wanted. When 2018 hit, I definitely felt myself getting stronger, but I still had a little self doubt which, in the end, prevented me from getting on to the podium, as much as I wanted to.

This year has been off to a great start. I have been feeling stronger than ever and I can't wait to get going with the guys and accomplish all of our goals as a team!
GLOBAL VISUAL MEDIA - The Beginning GLOBAL VISUAL MEDIA has evolved immensely since the opening of our store in 1998. This was also a milestone for South Africa, as it became among ... morethe first cash-and-carry store in the country making use of top-end technology for stock and sales tracking.

Fast tracking to 2011, to the merger between Massmart and Walmart – the US based retail company operating all over the world, and now in South Africa too. This merger has expanded the offering we extend to our shoppers, allowing you to enjoy more variety and brands at even more competitive prices.

2014 saw the release of our e-commerce platform. It is the next step in our evolution and the perfect opportunity for us to ensure that we continue to provide the best shopping experience on every level. We welcome you to browse our products and make use of the convenience of online shopping.